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What To Expect When Choosing A MidWife

With a growing number of women in the United States deciding to have a Midwife for pregnancy, labor, and delivery, we currently have two Midwives on staff at FemmPro OBGYN in Garden City and North Massapequa, New York.  Our team of Midwives understands your desire to have the care of a Midwife and is here for you to meet your needs and optimize your birthing experience. But you might not know what to expect. Here’s some guidance and understanding for choosing a Midwife.

What is a Midwife?

Our Midwives are medically qualified and experienced to help you throughout your prenatal and postnatal experience. As you form a relationship with your Midwife at FemmPro OBGYN, we highly personalize your pregnancy and delivery experience. 

We also oversee your progress after your delivery. The popularity of choosing a Midwife has promoted the idea of continued care that includes educational training and support, routine exams, guidance on birth control, and more. 

A Midwife During Pregnancy

Your Midwife empowers you to have the experience you want, focusing on holistic practices that may help with your emotions and mind throughout the process. While you’re pregnant, our Midwife provides additional services that include getting the support you need in individual or group settings for continued education and growth.

You may also receive medical care as needed. Your Midwife will connect you with other OBGYNs on our team if you experience any complications.

A Midwife During Labor and Delivery

When you go into labor, your Midwife will be at your side for the duration of your birthing experience. By time you go into labor, you and your Midwife will be prepared for the type of birth that you had hoped for.

A Midwife Post Delivery

After you’ve been through labor and delivery, you may choose to continue seeing your Midwife as long as you’d like. You may need help with breastfeeding, or you might want additional, continued support during your postpartum phase. Your Midwife will walk alongside you as you navigate your health needs. 

To learn more about what a Midwife may offer you, contact us by calling either our Garden City or North Massapequa locations today, or conveniently book your appointment online. You may also send our team a message with any questions, concerns, or comments by clicking here.  

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