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2D 3D 4D High Resolution Ultrasound


Introducing 3D & 4D Sonograms

As part of our OB/GYN range of services, we offer 2D sonograms using the most current, state of the art ultrasound machine and software to provide accurate readings for gynecological diagnosis and obstetrical prenatal care. These 2D sonograms are part of the standard of care and are reimbursed by your insurance company.

FemmPro Baby-Vue Sonographic Imaging offers you a more realistic view of your baby so you can now see a 3D and 4D image of your baby in the womb like never before. The General Electric (GE ) Ultrasound Hdlive tool is a high end, top level ultrasound technology that provides exceptional anatomical realism and helps increase depth perception. This imaging capability helps us achieve a deeper understanding of relational anatomy, and helps enhance diagnostic confidence. Innovations in image quality, automation, transducer technology, and image analysis helps give us an extraordinary vision to improve the care of the mother and baby.


With every ultrasound, you will have the opportunity to capture your baby in its very own natural environment. This is a new innovation in sonography and FemmPro is one of the only practices regionally that offers this state-of-the-art technology right in our office.

For the very first time you will be able to see different and more realistic views of your baby with unprecedented life like imagery. Does your baby have your eyes, your nose; have dimples and long fingers and what about the toes? Why wait until the baby is born to find out? Each sonogram during your pregnancy brings you closer to your unborn baby.

The journey becomes that much more exciting for you as the images and video are uploaded to your smartphone or tablet during your visit so you can share your joy with your loved ones. This service is offered exclusively for our obstetrical patients by FemmPro OB/GYN, as a keepsake, and is a non-medical service.



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