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Seeking out prenatal care early on in your pregnancy can make all the difference for you and your unborn baby. The skilled team at FemmPro OB/GYN, with two locations in Garden City and North Massapequa, New York, understands how pregnancy can be both an exciting and overwhelming time in your life. Their team provides prenatal care throughout the different stages of your pregnancy to help ensure a healthy and successful experience for you and your baby. Start your journey to motherhood with a nurturing foundation: Call FemmPro OB/GYN today or request an appointment online via ZocDoc.

Pregnancy Q & A

What's the first step in your pregnancy?

If you suspect you might be pregnant, you should schedule an appointment with our team at FemmPro OB/GYN to begin prenatal care. 

Prenatal care is an important part of your pregnancy to keep you and your baby healthy. Our team at FemmPro OB/GYN can assess your overall health and determine an appointment schedule to closely monitor your pregnancy.

Not only can prenatal care prevent complications, but the team at FemmPro OB/GYN can also help educate you on important steps to take to protect your baby and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

If you're considering becoming pregnant, the team at FemmPro OB/GYN recommends calling to schedule an appointment or booking online for a preconception healthcare check-up.

What can you expect during your first prenatal visit?

During your first prenatal visit, you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any issues related to your pregnancy. The team at FemmPro OB/GYN may recommend ways to maintain a healthy pregnancy like staying active, sleeping well, and taking prenatal vitamins, like folic acid.

You can expect the team at FemmPro OB/GYN to perform the following on your first visit:

  • Assess your health history, including diseases, surgeries, or prior pregnancies
  • Assess your family's health history
  • Do a complete physical exam, including a pelvic exam and Pap test
  • Gather your blood and urine for lab work
  • Check your blood pressure, height, and weight
  • Calculate your projected due date

Prenatal visits later in pregnancy are typically shorter. The team at FemmPro OB/GYN examines your health and ensures your baby is growing as healthily as expected. 

During most prenatal visits, the team will check:

  • Your blood pressure
  • Your weight gain
  • Your abdomen to check your baby's growth
  • Your baby's heart rate

They may also perform other diagnostic procedures to ensure that you and your baby are healthy. 

What are the typical tests you can expect to receive during your prenatal visits?

Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, the team at FemmPro OB/GYN may perform routine imaging tests, like an in-office ultrasound or blood tests to check for anemia, HIV, or to determine your blood type. Sometimes, the team at FemmPro OB/GYN suggests other tests based on your age, or your personal or family health history. 

If your pregnancy is considered high-risk, the team at FemmPro OB/GYN will work to monitor your health more frequently.

FemmPro OB/GYN provides a compassionate and supportive environment for you and your baby to grow together. Call the office or request an appointment online today.