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Women's Health

FemmPro OB/GYN

Obstetrics & Gynecology & Certified Nurse Midwives located in Garden City, NY & North Massapequa, NY

Women’s health issues benefit from specialized attention and care. At FemmPro OB/GYN with two locations in Garden City and North Massapequa, New York, the experienced team offers a variety of services that include comprehensive gynecology support, well-woman exams, genetic screening, and hormone testing. If you’re a woman needing quality support for your health, call FemmPro OB/GYN to book an appointment or schedule online via ZocDoc today.

Women's Health Q & A

What women’s health issues should I be concerned about?

An annual well-woman exam is an important part of your woman’s health management. During these visits, you update your health status and ask any questions you may have.

Plus, the doctors can make sure everything looks good in terms of your health and identify any irregularities that may require testing or treatment.

Common issues that fall under women’s health include:

  • Birth control
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening
  • Fertility care
  • Hormone testing for hormone replacement therapy
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Pelvic pain
  • Sexual health
  • Hot flashes/night sweats
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue/low energy
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Urinary incontinence 

The practice also provides BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing to screen for ovarian and breast cancer risk, if your personal or health history warrants it. Write down any questions you may have about your health prior to your visit and bring the list with you, so you don’t miss anything that’s important to you.

What is a well-woman exam?

An annual well-woman exam is an essential part of women’s health care. This visit is preventive and gives you a chance to meet with the doctor to talk about your overall health, not just to address specific symptoms.

Women benefit from starting their well-woman exams when they’re just a girl between the ages of 13 and 15. You generally won’t have a pelvic exam at visits until you’re 21 unless you have symptoms that require it. But, the early well-woman exams give you a chance to build a trusting relationship with a doctor and get answers to issues dealing with menstruation, sexuality, and reproductive health.

Although a woman’s health needs change with the stages of her life, well-woman exams continue through childbearing years, through menopause, and after menopause.

What is a Pap smear?

A Pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer. It’s performed at some of your annual well-woman exams as part of the routine evaluation of your health.

During a Pap smear, the doctor uses a swab to gather a sample of cells from your cervix. You feel slight pressure but no pain, and the test takes just a few seconds. The sample is sent to a lab for analysis.

If your Pap smear comes back as “abnormal,” don’t panic. It’s not a diagnosis of cancer; it simply means irregular cells were identified. In many cases, these cells clear up on their own or are easily removed.

If you’re in need of a doctor to offer compassionate and quality women’s health care, call FemmPro OB/GYN or book an appointment online via ZocDoc today.