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Dr. Marc S. Behar, OB/GYN Specialist with FemmPro Professionals for Women's Health

Dr. Marc Behar

Marc Behar, M.D. FACOG is a compassionate physician dedicated to women's health care in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Behar is known for his calm and steady demeanor, inspiring trust and confidence in the office, operating, and delivery room... Read More

Dr. Dawn Torre, OB/GYN Specialist with FemmPro Professionals for Women's Health

Dr. Dawn Torre

Dr. Dawn Torre's patients regard her as the physician who really listens! From adolescence through menopause, patient's concerns become her concerns. Board certified in OB/GYN, with more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Torre's patients receive... Read More

Dr. Craig M. Linder, OB/GYN Specialist with FemmPro Professionals for Women's Health

Dr. Craig Linder

Craig M. Linder, MD, FACOG is a caring, compassionate, and dedicated women's health care physician practicing obstetrics and gynecology for more than thirty years in the community. A highly grounded professional, he is known ... Read More

Dr. Deborah Kendrick, OB/GYN Specialist with FemmPro Professionals for Women's Health

Dr. Deborah Kendrick

For more than 20 years Deborah Kendrick, MD, has been an advocate for women's health. She is known for her ability to listen attentively to her patient's concerns and put them at ease with relatability (after all, she’s also a Mom of five children)... Read More

Lisa McMillan, PA-C with FemmPro Professionals for Women's Health

Lisa McMillan, PA-C

Lisa McMillan is a board certified physician assistant in women's health who is caring and committed to serving her community. She is experienced in all aspects of office Obstetrics & Gynecology, and works independently in the office to see her patients... Read More

Tara Halpern, PA-C with FemmPro Professionals for Women's Health

Tara Halpern, PA-C

Tara Halpern, PA-C, is a Board-Certified Physician Assistant practicing in the area of women’s health. She is personable, compassionate, and dedicated to improving health outcomes by practicing evidence-based medicine. She offers... Read More

Diane Lucks, CNM with FemmPro Professionals for Women's Health

Diane Lucks, CNM

Diane Lucks, CNM is Long Island's premier Midwife. Her experience and passion for Obstetrical and Women's Health Care span many years. Her professional influences run far and deep, having been a founder and director of local Midwifery... Read More

High-Resolution Ultrasound

FemmPro Baby-Vue Sonographic Imaging offers you a more realistic view of your baby so you can now see a 3D and 4D image of your baby in the womb like never before. For the very first time you will be able to see different and more realistic views of your baby with unprecedented life like imagery. Does your baby have your eyes, your nose; have dimples and long fingers and what about the toes? Why wait until the baby is born to find out? Each sonogram during your pregnancy brings you closer to your unborn baby.

Featured Women's Healthcare Services

We are committed to providing personalized, consistent, one-on-one obstetrical and gynecological women's health care services. With strong and solid ties to the community spanning 25 years, we have delivered over 8,000 babies. Pregnancy is a critical time in any woman's life, whether it's your first or fourth.

FemmPro OB/GYN Offices

We develop a highly customized treatment plan for prenatal care, hospital and delivery, and for all your gynecological surgery and care. We utilize medically advanced, state-of-the-art surgical and medical technology and are affiliated with top rated hospitals.


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Take advantage of our self check-in kiosks. With this modern technology, check-in at Garden City or Massapequa is fast, simple, and convenient.


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Just scan your photo ID at the kiosk and your information will be entered – we offer this convenience at both of our FemmPro locations.