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The Benefits of Understanding Prenatal Care for Both You and Your Partner

Hearing the wonderful news that you’re expecting a child is an incredible experience, especially for first-time parents. The immediate joy and excitement you feel are like nothing else. As the news starts to settle and you begin preparing for your new addition, there are many questions that you and your partner will have.

Prenatal care is essential for a smooth, healthy pregnancy, as well as putting your minds at ease and getting you all set for welcoming your beautiful baby. Prenatal care appointments aren’t just for the mother-to-be. Including your partner in these visits is beneficial for everyone involved, and we explain why in this blog.

Understanding prenatal care

Prenatal care is the time during your pregnancy in which you receive routine medical evaluations, testing, and treatments to ensure you and your baby are healthy. Should your doctor, nurse, or midwife find any minor issues, they’re able to intervene before any significant complications arise. It’s also an opportune time to ask questions and familiarize yourself and your partner with what to expect during pregnancy.

You can start receiving prenatal care as soon as you find out you’re pregnant and continue to get it until delivery. The typical appointment schedule for healthy women aged 18-35 is:

For high-risk pregnancies, your doctor may recommend that you have prenatal visits more often. This is just to keep a closer eye on your and your baby’s health and ensure you’re getting everything you need to have a smooth pregnancy.

Benefits of prenatal care

There are so many benefits that prenatal care provides. The most important of which is giving your baby a healthy start to life. Identifying potential or minor issues early can make all the difference in your baby’s development and birth and lowers your risk of complications during pregnancy.

Other benefits include:

If you’re already pregnant and haven’t started prenatal care, it’s not too late. Choosing to get regular checkups, even further along in your pregnancy, can help your baby grow strong and healthy. Managing your health is also of the utmost importance so you can enjoy every step of your pregnancy.

Involving your partner

While prenatal care is primarily for the benefit of you and your baby, your partner can benefit as well. Being educated about the process and prepared for any potential obstacles can put all of your worries to rest. Involving your partner in your prenatal care visits allows them not only to bond with you but to figure out how they can best support you.

Whether it’s helping you keep up with your prenatal vitamins, going on daily walks with you, or being on top of your baby to-do list, having them along for the experience is priceless. Your partner will appreciate being able to understand the process and know how to help in every scenario. Not to mention, it’s great to have another person there to remember all the information you get during your visits!

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